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Let there be audio

Quick hack with an LM-386 for an audio amplifier I needed for one
of our rooms.

From this:

Then this:

And finally found an enclosure:

Signals looked nice and clean on the scope and sound is sufficient for it’s

K5TRI Rotorduino Source Code

Update 4/8/2016: Code is now on GitHub
I finally found some time to post the source for my rotor controller I posted about a long time ago. Maybe some day I will also find time to make the schematic. I never drew schematics in a proper tool other than on a piece of paper. It should however be somewhat self explanatory. As the saying goes:”The documentation is in the source” :).

Another blue TS-2000

Got another TS-2000 (again). It is a good radio after all. Tried next to a TS-590S
I could not make out a dramatic difference in weak CW signals. But that amber
display light … that’s just wrong 🙂

I wrote about the process here before. Next up the 1st IF tap to hook up an RTL-SDR.

K3Y/7 Operations complete

During the month of January I had the honor and pleasure to operate as K3Y/7
to celebrate the birthday of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC).
After 387 QSOs it’’

Also had of course time to work all the other stations operating as K3Y including
all DX ops.

December 2013 Rookie Roundup CW

Just received the certificate. Completely had forgotten about it, so the more surprised I was to
see I made 2nd place. I didn’t operate that much. Had I known, I would’ve aimed for 1st Smile

DIY USB CAT control cable for TS-850

My recently newly acquired TS-850 is a great radio. But what’s even more,
it comes with the proper serial ICs built in to hook it up to a PC for CAT
control. There are various ready made cables available on eBay to accomplish
this, but I really can’t get myself to spend $40 on a cable which can be built
for a lot less.
The serial connection on the back of the TS-850 (ACC2) provides inverted
TTL level signals. So all that is needed is a inverter and then a TTL to RS-232
conversion. At first I built the following circuit which I found here:

This is a straight forward circuit using the 74LS04 to invert the TTL signals
and then the good old MAX232 for TTL to RS-232. One could leave it at that
and use a USB-serial dongle to connect to the PC.
I went a step further and simply feeding the signals from the hex gate (74LS04)
into a FTDI USB interface. Total cost in parts ~ $15 and the satisfaction of
having built it yourself . Adafruit has a USB to TTL cable for just $9.95 which
would also work. I just had the other interface already on hand.
This is what my fancy design looks like:

One thing to note is that I did not use RTS/CTS which for some reason did not work.