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Category: VHF/UHF

Summer is here

Set up for a few days in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. First QSO was with Martin, OK1WCF on 20m PSK-31
running 30w into the newly acquired Buddipole. I know, not quite QRP, but it worked :). 


IMG 0980

My trusty FT-857D running PSK-31 using FLDIGI on Linux.

IMG 0989

My ioIO antenna for 2m and 70cm. Not much activity (or should I say none) on 2m SSB.

IMG 0991

The Buddipole on the long mast as a vertical. Note that guying is a must!


QSO on VO-52 on Aug-18

QSO with KJ4OHL on VO-52. The linear birds are certainly more fun when it comes to
actually having a QSO that consists of more than just your call and grid square.

AO-51 16-Aug-2011 22:48 UTC

AO-51 pass I recorded (and worked). Pretty good and clear signals. AO-51 is one of the easier birds
to work and early in the morning even quite relaxed.