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Category: HF

ARRL DX CW Contest & Linux

This weekend was the ARRL DX CW contest. I played a little bit to get a
few new countries and just for fun. I started with N1MM but looked if
there was a way to do it on Linux. There is. The combination of xlog
and eepKeyer was working quite ok. Export of the Cabrillo file and also
scoring was a different story though. But it’s a start. eepKeyer uses
cwdaemon for keying, so the interface I built a few weeks ago worked as


Just did some partial operating during the North American QSO Party RTTY. 
Fldigi in combination with the TS-590 worked quite well and flawless.

 IMG 1007

Summer is here

Set up for a few days in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. First QSO was with Martin, OK1WCF on 20m PSK-31
running 30w into the newly acquired Buddipole. I know, not quite QRP, but it worked :). 


IMG 0980

My trusty FT-857D running PSK-31 using FLDIGI on Linux.

IMG 0989

My ioIO antenna for 2m and 70cm. Not much activity (or should I say none) on 2m SSB.

IMG 0991

The Buddipole on the long mast as a vertical. Note that guying is a must!


New toy – TS-590

Finally broke down and bought another fully featured HF rig to accompany my K1 and
FT-857D. Both other radios are great for portable, but I was yearning for some more
features. So far this radio is great.


It also works fine with Maclogger DX and FlDigi thanks to the built in USB port.

Elecraft K1 – Day 3

Progress is being made … but organization comes first.

K1 day3 organized

I can just highly recommend sorting parts first. Especially when you have parts where the numbers are hard
to read because of their size. This makes the build process go much smoother.

K1 day3 mainboard

Managed to get some parts mounted on day 3 of the build on the RF board. This will be a longer process. This
is fine though, as building this little radio is half the fun. More to come.