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Month: August 2012

Simple Apple Script for LOTW confirmation in MacloggerDX

If you’re on the Mac running your ham radio logging, chances are you are using the great

MacloggerDX as your logging program. Unfortunately LOTW support is not built into

MacloggerDX so one has to find workarounds. Thanks to AppleScript support one can do

this very easily. Simply replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD below with your own

data and run the script.

The script will download your complete LOTW report and place it into your Downloads folder

in your home directory. It then tells MacloggerDX to confirm log entries against the

downloaded ADIF file.

do shell script “curl -L  ‘’ -o ~/Downloads/lotwfile.adi”



tell application “MacLoggerDX”

confirmADIF “~/Downloads/lotwfile.adi”

end tell

Next working on a simple way to automate uploading to LOTW.

Caught by surprise – no X11 in Mountain Lion

This just caught be by surprise. After the recent upgrade to Mountain Lion
I tried to install DB2 on one new machine and couldn’t get the graphical
installer to work. I kept getting errors that the DISPLAY variable wasn’t set
which sent me searching for causes since I usually do that automatically
when logging into a machine with ssh (ssh -X user@host).

As it turns out, Apple decided to turn over the development to the XQuartz
project to keep up with X11 development. If you need X11 on your Mac,
here’s where to find it: